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Who we are

DOMADA is a trusted partner in distribution of your products on the Chinese market.

We have many years of experience on the Chinese market, we know the current trends and use modern marketing techniques to enable placement of your products on the market.

Our goal is to support local production in Europe and strengthen the position of European brands which are not widely known. We focus on sustainable development and strategy tailored to the customer’s needs.

We cooperate mainly with small and medium-sized enterprises and can act as an intermediary in trade in a wide range of products. We create special growth opportunities for eco-friendly, natural and sustainable products of European origin.

Company mission

Our customers’ trust and their success are our goals

We are steadfast and persistent in our efforts to achieve a stable position of European products on the Chinese market. The competition and domination of strong brands from global corporations motivate us to be creative.

E-commerce is our passion. In Europe, e-commerce has yet to flourish, but in China it is already the most important and the most successful sales channel, reaching 894 million customers.

European products are popular among Chinese consumers and valued for their high quality and own style. We understand Chinese target groups and adapt the product strategy to local requirements and expectations.


offers intermediation in the sale of products on the Chinese market. We agree the scope of cooperation and type of support with our partners. We will gladly discuss with you the model of cooperation and activities for which we would be responsible.

We offer professional services in the following areas:


  • Purchase of goods in Europe
  • Consultation on trade in China
  • Transport to and within China
  • Storage of goods in China
  • Online sales on the Chinese market
  • Marketing and Design, in cooperation with advertising agencies and IT companies in Europe and China
  • Advertising of products in China
  • Brand registration in China



Do you sell your products in Germany or other European countries?

We will help you broaden your horizons and place your products on the Chinese market.

We have our own trading company in China: Qingdao Domada Trading Co., Ltd., and an experienced team of employees in China is one of our assets.

We have full control over the entire distribution process. Our trusted employees in Germany and China have extensive experience in logistics, online trade and marketing.

Trading in products on distant foreign markets requires not only careful preparation and flexibility, but also analysis of the situation. We provide our customers with the following information, as necessary and available: market analyses, analyses of sales, competition and market trends, as well as online store statistics.

We offer forms of cooperation tailored to the current needs, capabilities and objectives of our customers. We place great importance on open communication and reliable information. It is our principle to achieve market success while minimising risk. We can also start our cooperation in the form of a small pilot project.


    Dominika Daume

    President and co-owner of Domada GmbH and Qingdao Domada Trading Co., Ltd.

    • Active in various functions on the Chinese market since 2007.
    • Many years of experience in e-commerce, marketing and brand strategy development.
    • Owner of the PureQ and Elasco brands with their own online sales channels in China.
    • Experience in company and brand registration in China.

    We will gladly answer your questions

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